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Many people question the reasoning or the importance behind children engaging in Practical Life activities.  Some say, “They will have their whole life to wash dishes and fold laundry.  Just let them play.”  While play is utterly important, so is teaching children responsibilities and to be held accountable for those. Moreover, children have the inner desire to be part of their community; encouraging them in practical life activities gives them the opportunity to do things for themselves and feel live active members of their community.

The “KIDDIES KITCHENETTE” activity for the students of primary section was done keeping the above point in mind. The students had fun filled, tummy filling day enjoying the delicacies that they created on their own.

There was an exotic menu that they created ranging from biscuit ladoos , shawarmas, sandwiches, fruit salad, just to name a few!!!!

It was just a finger licking lip smacking day for these tiny tots!!!!