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Indian school al-ain is blessed with a very efficient and dedicated , sincere transport staff and cleaning staff. Without them we wouldn’t be a whole.

To appreciate the efforts of these ancillary staff who help us in our day to day school life we celebrated “appreciation day” on 1st October 2015 along with Gandhi Jayanti celebrations.

The members of the transport section and cleaning section were welcomed and thanked by the students of the primary section with a card and flower for their dedicated and whole hearted services to run the school.

They were also treated to an array of delectable food sent by the parents



Environment has become the most discussed issue, the world over. The apocalypse that stares us, in the not so distant future, is real and cannot be ignored anymore.

On June 5, 2015, ENVIRONMENT DAY an array of activities was organized to sensitize the young students on the above issue. The enthusiastic response from the primary students bears testimony to this issue. The activities included an art marathon, drawing, painting, slogan writing.

Students presented a “SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT SONG” in the assembly and a tableau to show the importance of preserving the elements of nature.

Pictures have a wonderful way of capturing the finest blend of events and emotions in a manner that words cannot. Some of these pictures indeed say it all.


The children of Kindergarten celebrated ‘Father’s Day’ on the 14th June 2015. The preparations for this special day started three weeks in advance.

 The children made beautiful wall hangings and cards for their dads.   On that day, a special prayer dedicated to fathers was said in each classroom. The children went home that day ‘all set and ready’ to give their fathers a great surprise!

We celebrate Father’s Day to encourage children from very young age to honour their dads and to express their love and affection for them, thereby strengthening this special ‘bond of love’.

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