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The end of the school year offers a special opportunity to recognize those students who make up the school's "Senior Most” class.

 9th February, 2017 saw the dawn of the first graduation day for the class 12 students of the school. We were honoured by the presence of our Honourable Chairman Dr. T.K. Moideen, Presiding over the function along with the School Director, Dr. Mohammed Iqbal, Principal, Mrs. Neelam Upadhyay, Headmistress, Mrs. Mini Nair and Headmaster, Mr.Vasu Penneru.

Parents of all senior students graced the occasion and it was a moment of pride & happiness for them.

The past few years have seen these graduates work exceptionally hard. We are the lucky ones who have had the privilege of helping these young buds with their educational growth. Also we have watched their parents support them with everything.
 They have persevered and worked towards their goals in a determined way. Each of the students has grown in a way that we can be proud of as teachers.

We congratulate and wish them all the best for their future endeavours.

It’s tough for any child to be the “new kid” in a room full of strangers. School can often be a sanctuary for many children. It is up to the teacher and the school to ensure that the new students feel comfortable enough in their classroom and school to flourish and make friends easily.

This year as welcome party theme kindergarteners of Indian School, Alain celebrated “HATS DAY”.

The students adorned colourful innovative hats on their heads. They were colourfully dressed in different coloured fanciful clothes.

They had a fun filled day dancing and grooving with their new friends and teachers and partying all time at school.