Indian School Al Ain follows the CBSE Curriculum from Grade 01 onwards. In KG we lay great emphasis on a child’s all round harmonious development and thus an amalgamated curriculum based on Kindergarten and Montessori approaches has been adopted for KG. For us academics is an important as extra-curricular activities. A perfect equilibrium between teacher-directed work and child-directed activities is being maintained and is being reviewed and revised periodically.



An Innovative child-centric approach

 Emphasis on understanding the child; his concentration levels, memory, reasoning & creativity.

  • A system of “Continuous informal Evaluation”, based on class work, theme based worksheets and observation sessions is followed.
  • Monthly and Biannual Results to monitor the child’s development
  • The School follows a non-detention policy in the pre-primary classes.


 Learning structured to empower the students to share their thoughts and ldeas.

  • The Curriculum is designed to encourage team work
  • Learning though group discussion, projects as well as hands-on activities and experimentation.
  • Our Teachers act as facilities and guides throughout the learning process.

Medium : English, Arabic Compulsory from KG1 to Grade 12
For Grade 2 to 5 – Hindi & Malayalam.
For Grade 6 – 8 – Hindi, Malayalam and CBSE Arabic
For Grade 9 and 10 – Hindi, Malayalam & CBSE Arabic. Islamic Studies (Including the teaching of the Holy Quran) to Muslim students and Moral Education for other students.