Our Facilities


   The school has full-fledged laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science.


 The school has 3 well-equipped Science Laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Well-qualified and experienced instructors are available in each of the laboratories in order to provide personal guidance to each student.



School has two well-equipped computer labs with all  modern amenities to integrate the IT skills necessary for the successful upward mobility academically. This enhances the total Learning Experience of our students  who are the absolute beneficiaries.


  The School has a fleet of A.C buses plying to different areas to transport the students from their homes to school and back. Each bus has a conductor as well, to help the children board the buses. Parents are requested to read all the terms and conditions for school transport attached with the transport application and sign the undertaking.

A student shall be required to pay for the full academic year (10 Months) irrespective of his/her discontinuing the transport services in the middle of the year. No concession will be entertained for any period of absence in the middle of the academic year.                                                       

Any request for transport facility in the middle of the academic year will only be entertained subject to availability of seats and feasibility of routes.


ISA clinic consists of HAAD Certified and Licensed registered Nurse to provide First Aid. We work during school hours. We administer emergencies as they arise within school and make appropriate arrangements for students who feel sick.

Clinic Equipments

The Medical Room is well equipped as per the Health Authority Requirements. Basic First Aid Kits are also located in high risk areas  such as Laboratories, Transports. As per HAAD we provide first aid kits for outdoor trips.

Emergency Arrangements

In the event of serious accidents, an emergency service will be arranged at once and the parents are contacted immediately. A teacher or a nurse accompanies the patient to the Hospital. In case of less serious injuries, a parent is advised to take their child from school for further treatment.

Policies Of Clinic

Students can visit the clinic for any injuries or illness occurring during the school hours with the permission of the teacher.Every visit made by a student is properly recorded, observation sheet filled and filed in the medical file as per HAAD policy.


   Library has over 21,000 volumes geared for elementary and secondary school students and teachers. The collection includes fiction, non-fiction, reference as well as Islamic studies, Arabic, French and Hindi books. Library subscribes News papers and magazines.

The vision of the library is to encourage students’ reading habits, critical thinking and research skills.Since the inception of the school, the library is continuously acquiring resources to support both academic and recreational needs of the students and staff.



Adequate provision has been made by the school for supplying the prescribed text books, uniforms and necessary stationery from the school store at a reasonable price, and parents are advised to take advantage of this facility



The School canteen provides light refreshment permissible by the concerned ministry during the recess period at a very reasonable price.