Indian School Al-Ain celebrated 46th National Day of UAE with pomp and pageantry. The students as well as the teachers were in a festive mood. The students were ready to entertain the gathering with their variety programmes.

It was also a day to reflect and   thank the leaders of the nation for their generous support for the expatriate community. The whole school was dressed up to the occasion in UAE Flag colours and thus expressed their love for this country.

     The special   assembly programme began with the Quran recitation. Director, Principal and the Vice Principal were present to grace the occasion. The main highlights of   the assembly were traditional Arabic Dance and the songs. The comperes for the day   enlightened the gathering about the significance of the day. The assembly commenced with   the recitation of a verse from the Holy Quran.  This was followed by   an Arabic speech delivered by Safa Abdul Aziz  of 11 D. The speech educated the audience   more about the vibrant culture of UAE and the unrelenting commitment of the leaders to make this nation one of the best in the world.

  The entertaining programme started with a colourful dance performance of the little stars of grade 2and 3.

The traditional Arabic dance of the boys and girls of grade 4 was superb   with their traditional dress and circular movements. The students   of grade 5 captured the attention of the audience with their beautiful and rhythmical Arabic song.

    Another eye catching event   was the tableau performed by the talented girls of grade 6and7.They could depict the culture and tradition of   UAE very beautifully. This was followed by the sparkling dance performance by the girls of grade 8and 9.The stunning performance of the senior girls took the audience to a   greater level. The assembly programme ended   up with the concluding remarks by the Director and the Principal. They whole heartedly appreciated the participants and expressed their gratitude to   the visionary leaders of this nation.

        The activities were not limited to the assembly programmes. The whole campus was buzzed with activities. Each class had their own variety programmes to show their   love for the country. The students from grade 2-7 focused on exhibiting models of UAE culture and tradition in the class. They decorated the class with festoons and balloons. A lot of traditional activities were being organized in every class. In some classes traditional UAE tent was set up and the traditional food was served to the visitors. A number of activities such as face painting, henna, Quiz   about UAE facts and a UAE food tasting stall were the highlights of the classroom activities. All the students went home with face painting of UAE flag colours and henna on their hands. Every student of the class brought their own models on UAE and exhibited in the class. The students viewed an educational PPT on the formation of the seven emirates, UAE of the past and present.

    The students   of grade   8 to 12 could bring out their creativity and imagination   through the innovative science and technology programme. It was a golden opportunity for them   to showcase their talents where many innovative models such as models of   robots and metros   caught the public attention. A poster making competition on the topic ‘Vision 2021’ was organized for the students of grade 8 and 9.  All the children participated   with most vigour and enthusiasm. The exhibition ended with a strong determination to make this nation a smarter one.

   As we celebrate the 46th National Day we salute   and respect the great   leaders of this nation.  We wish United Arab Emirates a happy 46th National Day and   look forward to celebrate next year’s National Day.